Stainless Steel wire
Galvanized Steel wire
Iron wire

Crimped wire meshes

Net produced by the weaving of wire mesh into panels or Rolls. This product allows the creation of small panels in single or double mesh. Its unique mesh design enables the production of chequered or diamond panels.

This product can be manufactured in carbon steel, pre-galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel.

Welded mesh

Metallic wire mesh manufactured from longitudinal and transverse wires eletronically welded. It is a product with great versatility due to the configuration possibilities it offers in terms of wire diameter, material, distance between wires and dimensions.

Our manufacturing possibilities range from a diameter of 2 mm. up to 16mm. being able to combine different diameters in the same mesh, achieving a minimum distance between wires of 10 x 10 mm.

This product can be manufactured in carbon steel, pre-galvanized or stainless steel.